Our sessions are dependent on individual goals and one’s willingness to a make positive change in their life!

What is the process of working with me?

  • First, we connect over email! I will send you a personalized health history form.
  • Second, we will schedule a complimentary 45 minute consultation where we will go over your health history form together via FaceTime, Skype or in person if you are based in NYC.

  • Third, we will choose a program plan. 

  • Fourth, after payment is processed, we are ready to begin!



  • "Instant Gratification Junkie": ONE 50 MIN SESSION $140

  • "Quasi-Committed": THREE 50 MIN SESSIONS $375

  • "Game for Change: a dive deep into health and wellness": 6 MONTH PROGRAM (designated time slot, two 50min sessions per month with email/text support in between sessions) $1490


What happens after a program/time slot is picked?

A client's program is individualized based on their specific needs, goals and style of learning.


What will you get?

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 5.24.08 PM.png

What to expect from a Health History:

Before our health history consultation, you will fill out a health history form and send it to me 24 hours prior to our consultation. In the 45 minute session we have have a discussion based on  your health history and goals.

What to expect from our first session? The 50 minute sessions are unique to what you want to get out of working together. Some sessions will be more focused on primary food and others secondary food. We will discuss immediate and long term health goals. Clients will receive handouts helping them to reach their specific goals. After the first session, a client will receive a binder where she/he can keep all the handouts and session notes from our meetings. If a client signs up to work with me I am always available on email for questions with a guaranteed answer within 24 hours.

This program is not for those unwilling to make changes and set in their ways if those ways are not working for them.