Something to really think about...

We are increasingly becoming more aware of our need to pay attention to what is in our food and how it’s grown, but are we thinking about the farmers? Do you think about the man or woman in Florida or California who ripped the tomatoes off the vine? Farm workers’ conditions in many big companies are abysmal.

America's roots (literally) are in agriculture -- While Europe was industrializing we were an agrarian society. How is it that people who work for major produce distributors are still treated in the harshest ways?

And those that hand pick the glorious fruits and veggies we eat can go hungry for days, only to collect a paycheck of 47 dollars for a 16 hour work day?

If you are interested in learning more, I suggest you watch the documentary, "Food Chains" brought to you by the creators of Food Inc.

Let's take a stand to care about our food and the people who help get it from the ground to our mouths.