We are all way too familiar with the f-word -- we use it casually, it resides deep in our psyche, and it is incredibly debilitating…


For most of my life, I believed fear and anxiety were normal feelings to encounter daily and if they weren't present, something was wrong. How crazy is that!? If I am not scared or anxious, I am worried about it!

Today as I write this, I am making a vow to you and myself -- fear and anxiety will no longer be a part of my daily routine. If a nerve-wracking or anxiety-provoking thought presents itself, I will address it and if it isn’t warranted then, CIAO!

Three ways I combat fear:

  1. Dancing -- play some of your favorite music (I love my flashdance channel on Pandora) and just DANCE in front of your mirror! Music has a way of making everything seem okay.

  2. Reading -- pick up a great book and get lost in a story!  

  3. Trust in the Universe -- have faith everything has a plan

  4. Repeating this mantra over and over, “Live as though everything was rigged in your favor.”