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How powerful is our mind?

Have you ever made yourself so anxious everything took twice as long to do, because your brain was going 10,000 miles an hour? Well, I have. My health is one of my biggest sources of anxiety. Some would say I am a bit of a hypochondriac or a bit neurotic and I tend to create problems where they don't exist.

Whenever I feel myself start to spin out of control with anxiety, I take a deep breath and press the pause button. I ask myself, “Caroline, what is really going on here? Is this an emergency or is this your negative thoughts creating a false sense of reality?”

Most often, it is the latter.

Today, I share with you my greatest New Year’s resolution for 2016:

anxiety does not serve me, I must have patience and trust that everything will be okay.

What are your New Year’s resolutions? Tag me at @healthiswellth on Instagram. 

I would love to hear them!