Imagine you are a well versed equestrian who has been riding the same horse for 28 years. You know what spooks him, you are aware of his weaknesses and when you need to rein him in, you know how to. For me the first 6 months of pregnancy was akin to waking up and realizing someone swapped your horse for a new pony and you have to re-learn his strengths and weaknesses. You must reconfigure how to rein him in.

Losing control - one of the first and hardest things about pregnancy is learning to surrender - this is an experience where nature truly has to run its course. For me, my body, mind and emotions made their own path and put me on what felt like the wackiest yet amazing roller coaster that I have ever had to endure. From gaining weight in areas you didn’t even know were possible to feeling euphoria one second and having a melt down the next - pregnancy has been a unique process to the say the least. 

It’s perfectly normal to feel all of the feelings I listed above and still be beyond excited to be a mom. I want women out there to understand that pregnancy comes in all shapes and sizes (literally) and that it’s perfectly okay to feel a little nervous! You are creating a human being!

While pregnancy can seem to be frightening territory with multiple unknowns, we live in a time where we can find out a multitude of information rather quickly. This, for some reason, rather than calms us, can give us too much to think about. 

It is very important to see pregnancy as a journey where you trust the natural process of life, of your body and of what you know is meant to be.

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