Today pregnancy comes with a multitude of rules and regulations. My grandma, who smoked while pregnant, would find these "do’s and don't’s" highly amusing. Guidelines for what pregnant women are supposed to eat are high up on the list of what you should be paying attention to while creating your little human. I want to preface this post with a reminder that we are all human- we are all imperfect! Especially during pregnancy, we have indulgent cravings for things like ice cream with rainbow sprinkles and that’s perfectly okay!

When you are in the mood and your food aversions allow you to eat something healthy, here are my top 5 pregnancy foods:

1. Mangos

Mangos are magical fruits that contain a ton of vitamin A and C-both wonderful for growing a healthy little he or she! 

2. Avocados 

Avocados are rich in beneficial minerals and good fats. Eating healthy fat is extremely important for your unborn baby! 

3. Wild Salmon

Protein and Omega-3 fatty acids are wonderful for your little one’s brain development. 

4. Eggs

Cage free, certified humane, antibiotic-free eggs are a great source of lean protein and the egg yolk contains the good fat needed for your little one.

5. Bone Broth 

This is such a great way to get protein without having to eat animal meat if you’re simply not in the mood. Warm foods are wonderful for the womb and bone broth is just divine for that! 

For delicious, protein-rich bone broth check out Brodo in the Lower East Side!

For more tips to help you through your pregnancy journey, stay tuned. Tell me about your pregnancy journey!  Tag me at @healthiswellth on Instagram.

I am excited to hear your feelings!