In addition to treating your body with prenatal massages from a certified masseuse, acupuncture is another way to prepare your body for its journey. My acupuncturist Aimee Ruapp was able to answer all of my questions through her professional as well as personal experience with acupuncture and pregnancy. Aimee is a best selling author, a women's health and fertility expert, acupuncturist, and Chinese Herbalist. 

Why is acupuncture so important during pregnancy? What are the benefits?

It is a great way to generally improve circulation and blood flow. During pregnancy, acupuncture more specifically assists the body in keeping hormones balanced, helps the mother to be manage stress and feel more supported, and maintains healthy blood flow to the growing embryo so that it can thrive.

How often should women get acupuncture during pregnancy?

I typically like to see my patients once a week through the first trimester. After the first trimester, I recommend once every 4-6 weeks until week 35 of the pregnancy, where I recommend resuming to once weekly treatments to help mother to be and her body prepare for labor and delivery.

What is one piece of advice you would give a mother to be?

Treat your body well as all that you take in influences your growing child.

Are there any other wellness regimens or practices you recommend during pregnancy?

Meditation- particularly focused on sending loving energy to your growing child.

What was your least favorite part of pregnancy?

I didn't always like the heartburn that I experienced towards the end of my pregnancy.

And your favorite?

I loved radiating life. There is nothing like growing a child in your womb, it is insanely surreal and magnificent.

For more from Aimee Ruapp, have a look at her website and read her books, Yes, You Can Get Pregnant and Chill Out & Get Healthy.