Today we are so overstimulated we often ignore the most basic human behaviors such as eating. 

How do you eat? Do you sit and reflect on what you are eating? Or do you just inhale your meal while on the go? 

I can remember being a little girl and hearing "chew your food," but not understanding the significance of actually chewing rather than just swallowing. 

Here is the 411 on chewing –

When you begin chewing, you signal digestive enzymes found in the saliva to start to break down the food. When the digestive enzymes are present and working, you not only prepare the body for maximum digestion, nutrient absorption but you also calm the body! The goal: chew your food 30 times before swallowing (this is a skill I am working on daily)!

Chewing your food will not only help you enjoy your meal, but will also prevent gas and even help your stomach and small intestine function better! I hope this post inspires you to sit, relax and CHEW!