In the recent weeks I have been training my mind to come from a place of positivity despite any negative internal chatter. I was inspired by a poignant quote by the prolific Rumi who said, “Live life as though everything is rigged in our favor.”

In order to internalize Rumi’s sentiments I have written in it in my agenda, which I see daily as well as often repeat it when I feel myself go to a place of anxiety or fear. Each day I practice saying this quote, I begin to notice omnipresent beauty and positivity in my life. It’s as if the Universe is reflecting the positive energy I am trying to radiate. 

I challenge you to write  “Live Life As Though Everything is Rigged in Our Favor” where you will see it and be reminded of it’s power every single day.

Use it as a tool to combat fear or negative thoughts. Humans are simply bundles of vibrational energy and as the “Law of Attraction” states: like attracts like ...hence positive thoughts attract positivity. Think of your body as a vehicle which your mind is the driver --- you decide what direction you are going...once you get that ...your life will seem to flow.