One of the most profound skills we can develop is the art of listening to our gut, also referred to as our intuition. In a place like New York City, with constant stimulation and external distraction, it is imperative we work hard to silence our environment so we can listen to the wisest person we know--- ourselves.

Two ways in which I quiet the outside is through dancing and meditation. Dance cardio allows me to connect with my body and really tune out whatever else is influencing my behavior. Following dancing-- I shower, get dressed and then sit in silence for up to 15 minutes to really focus on my outlook for the day or future events. When I fail to follow this routine I find myself irritable, indecisive and I steer farther from my path.

Let’s be clear, we have 2 main voices that live within us -- one is the ego (to learn more about this term, I suggest Gabby Bernstein’s books where she goes into detail about how to identify and ignore this voice) and second is our intuition. I see these voices as the angel and the devil.

The ego loves to be influenced by external voices and often persuades us to do things for outside validation rather than our actual purpose. Our intuition helps us stay in our own lane despite what is occurring in the path of others.

When we listen to our gut--- we do what’s actually best for us in the short and long term.

I challenge you all to start listening to yourself rather than following what others think is best.

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